Tres Ríos Coffee Whole Bean


Single Estate Organic Coffee, from Costa Rica.

Variety and process: Peaberry Washed.  

Cup Profile: Coffee with intense flavors, cocoa and wood. Molasses sweetness and blackberry acidity

Tres Rios Region Is located a few miles away from the Capital in the east side of the valley.It is the smallest coffee region, very close to volcanic activity and produces the most refined cup in the country, since 1820. Known as the Bordeaux of Costa Rica. The SHB (Strictky Hard Bean) produced in Tres Rios is the result of lots of sun and high humidity all over the year, with very uniform climate and soil thanks to the very small area. With tropical acidity, volcanic ashes, rich in organic matter coffee plant roots can grow with good distribution, wich allows oxygenation and humidity retention. The combination of these factors contribute to the great coffee quality production. Tres Rios has a privileged cup profile, close to perfect in every way. Harvets: From August to February