Orosi Coffee Whole Bean


Single Estate Organic Coffee, from Costa Rica.

Variety and process: Marsellaise Honey. 

Cup Profile: Delicious acidity of grapefruit, sweet flavors of honey and hazelnut, aroma of green tea.

The Orosi Region is located in the center of the country, the smallest coffee region in Costa Rica and hosts one of the most ancient comunities in Costa Rica, from the colonial times. The oldest temple is in use since 1743. With a coffee tradition for more than 100 years, most of the economic activities relies on that production. Orosi has a very special geografic scenario, which receives climatic influence from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It is an elogagated valley protected by Biological Reserves and National parks in the mountains. It rains more than 200 days a year and soil is higly fertile with volcanic origin. Harvest: from August to February