Valle Central Coffee Whole Bean


Single Estate Organic Coffee, from Costa Rica.

Variety and process: Venecia Natural. Carbon Neutral.

Cup Profile: Ripe strawberry acidity and blackberry flavor with a slight chocolate aftertaste. Herbal aroma of black tea.

Central Valley Region, is located in the center of the country. This is the biggest coffee producing region and It is also the most densely pupulated region, where the capital of the country is located, San José. It is in this region where coffee cultivation begins in the last decade of the 18th century. In 1820 the first export of coffee to Panama was recorded. With coffee and its export to Europe, the railroad, the mail, the printing press, the first university and the construction of the National Theater, among others, arrived in Costa Rica. More than 80% of the coffee trees are planted at high altitudes wich produces a stronger, acidic and more aromatic cup. Harvest: From November to March.