Valle Occidental Coffee Whole Bean


Single Estate Organic Coffee, from Costa Rica.

Variety and process: Geisha Washed. Shade Grown.

Cup Profile: Delicate floral aroma of lemongrass. Very juicy acidity with shades of orange. Panela (raw brown sugar) flavor and vanilla.

West Valley Region is located center west of the country, and started its coffee production in the 19th Century. They produce SHB, GHB and HB and 85% of the farmers are very small producers. It is a region where wealth has a good distribution, which has enabled a socially and economic stability over the years. Has very fertile volcanic soil, 81% humidity, warm temperatures all over the year and good sun exposure. 75% of the plantations are coffee forests which allows to clean 5 millions tons of Co2 per hectare a year. Good agricultural practices are constant in coffee plantations and the work in harmony with nature in which the producers, beneficiaries and exporters are committed. Harvest: From November to February.